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This town garden in Stirling was well established but lacked usable space and was dominated by a hard-to-maintain lawn.

The main terrace near the house was extended for family gatherings and beautiful new porcelain paving laid that complements the whinstone boundary walls. The rest of the garden was re-organised using existing materials: the old terrace paving re-laid as a long path, piles of stones in the garden upcycled into a generous wall seat as well as crazy-paving inserts, and the shed moved off the main terrace to a new home further down the garden and given a lick of paint.

The existing box hedging was re-used to form wider hedges. Before moving it had begin to suffer from box blight. However, with a bit of pampering and seaweed extract, the hedges have made a successful recovery and the clients are now happily filling up their new planting beds.

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